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Bestlinesoft is dedicated to delivering exceptional service promptly. Should you need to cancel the contracted service or any product import process to a chosen country as per our agreement, kindly adhere to the cancellation policy guidelines we have established. These guidelines are rigorously enforced.

  1. Before making an Advance Payment or Full Payment

Our services commence once an advance or full payment is received in accordance with our agreed terms. If no payment has been made, you may cancel within 5 days following the establishment of the agreement. Should you encounter difficulties in contacting us within this period, we will automatically terminate the service or agreement.

       2. After making an Advance Payment or Full Payment:

Cancellations can be processed within 24 hours of payment, ensuring a full refund without any additional fees. Cancellations beyond 24 hours  necessitate a review of incurred costs due to our reliance on third-party companies, requiring a case-by-case assessment. For product purchases from third-party companies canceled after 24 hours, a refund cannot be guaranteed. For our staff-provided services canceled after 24 hours, we will bill for the work completed and refund the remainder.

     3. Cancellation Request Procedure:

Cancellation Request Procedure: Within 24 hours, you may submit a cancellation request via email. Refunds for requests made within this 24-hour period will be processed via the original payment method. For requests submitted after 24 hours, we will contact you to discuss the process and terms as per our cancellation policy.

We strive to make our cancellation process as clear and fair as possible, reflecting our dedication to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

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