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Strategic alliance forms to propel Camaronplus Marketing, empowering shrimp production optimization

We have formed a strategic alliance with Brown Data, granting them the marketing rights for our web software Camaronplus in all countries. Brown Data will be responsible for representing and marketing the software, while Bestlinesoft and its allied development companies will handle the technical processes associated with the product.

Brown Data possesses extensive knowledge of the aquaculture industry and its evolving demands. They have successfully transformed this expertise into a software solution designed for collecting, structuring, and analyzing information to improve production processes. Proficient in making informed decisions and effectively managing intricate variables specific to shrimp production, BrowData is well-equipped to navigate this complex domain.

With a strong commitment to optimization and transformation within the aquaculture sector, is dedicated to driving advancements.


Discover the Power of Camaronplus: enhance shrimp production with information collection, structuring, and analysis for production scenario simulation and cost control at

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